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Hospice/Palliative Care Massage Home Visit

I am honored to offer skilled massage care for clients in palliative and hospice care. I will come to your home or care center for 30-60 minute massage and/or energy work session. Each session is unique depending the clients needs.

Gentle Swedish massage and Chinese Tui Na are very relaxing and can bring much comfort to patients who are bedridden. Often clients will benefit the most from a foot and head massage. Energy work and caring touch are very beneficial in bringing calm and restfulness to clients. Fears and aggitations can be temporarily put aside and the clients is able to rest peacefully.

I will discuss the needs of the client with the client or care giver prior to the session to determine the best plan for each session.

It's not uncommon for clients to fall fast asleep during a session and I have heard from my clients that these rests are deeply restorative and a time of great calm. 

Service Rates: Home/Hospital* Visits Rancho Bernardo Area:

30 Minute Session: $45

60 Minute Session: $65

*Facility policy must be followed allowing massage therapy visit. Please check with your care giver. 


Call Lisa at 858-472-0959 or email lisaoakes@massagetherapy.com for more information or to schedule your session. 

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