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Reiki and Energy Session 

I have been practicing hands-on touch therapy since I was a child and discovered the wonderful energy people pass to one another through touch. Each of us share this energy - knowingly or not - throughout our lives and with everything we encounter.  

My training as a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition through Reiki Wind in San Diego has opened a whole new level of understanding and healing to my practice. Intentionally opening to the healing power of the energy between us is a very powerful tool in encouraging healing - both emotional and physical, bringing calm to the mind and body, illuminating issues that may be trying to get your attention and calming the nervous system to prepare for a massage session.  

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a light-touch, energy-based healing technique that helps you feel better. It can help you relax, reduce your pain, and makes it easier for you to sleep so your body can heal itself. Reiki is a complementary healing technique that can enhance traditional medical treatments. 

Reiki, the word, has two parts, Rei and Ki. Rei means "universal" and Ki means "energy of the universe." Therefore, the word Reiki means "Universal Energy."

Reiki is not associated with any religion or religious belief. It is accepted and practiced by members of virtually all religions as hands on healing is an ancient practice the world over. 

Where does Reiki come from?

There is no single simple answer to this question. Some believe Reiki was practiced by Buddhist monks in Tibet, as long as 2,500 years ago. And hands-on healing is spoken of in many texts throughout world history. Today, there are many varieties of Reiki, associated with the particular beliefs and experience of the Reiki teachers. However, most current Reiki practices are based upon the teachings of Mikao Usui who discovered (some say rediscovered) Reiki and started teaching it in Japan in 1922. He continued teaching and practicing his Reiki until his death in 1926. Usui's Reiki was carried on by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi after Usui's death. Hayashi taught Usui Reiki to Hawayo Takata in 1936 and she became a Reiki Master in 1938. Mrs. Takata went on to introduce and teach modern Usui Reiki in the west. Her students went on to spread modern Usui Reiki throughout the world.

Reiki Session: 

$65 Hour session  

All of my massage sessions include a short Reiki session and can be customized for longer Reiki sessions or Reiki only. 

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