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Massage for Children 


We often think of massage as a treat or something adults need to reduce stress. And it is. However, the benefits of massage for children and teens are numerous. Many children hold stress and memories in their bodies causing tightness, over-use injuries, fatigue and malaise.  

The life experiences we have are often kept in my muscles memory. Allowing or children to release this held stress is very beneficial to creative growth and freedom. Honoring ourselves and our bodies is empowering. 

Massage is especially beneficial during the tween and teen years. Body image and acceptance of oneself as "perfect, just the way you are" is life altering when we can grow-up with this knowledge. Bodywork is also very highly recommended for those with body image issues, eating and anxiety disorders or those who have experienced trauma, both physical or emotional. This is powerful work!  

A session for younger children normally lasts 30 minutes. Older children benefit from a one hour session. Parents are welcome to stay in the massage room with their child during the entire session or step out of the room. Your child's safety and comfort is my highest priority.  

Prior to scheduling a session, a phone meeting is beneficial to discuss your and your child's goals.  


I have been fortunate to work with children with autism and am seeing positive results with Cranio-Sacral and Reiki work as well as muscle release through gentle Swedish massage. As with all clients, the session is customized for your child's needs and comfort. 

Other Special Circumstances: 

If your child is experiencing any special circumstances that you think might be helped by massage or energy work, give me a call. I am always happy to chat with parents to see if massage might be beneficial or to share my experiences. 

Call Lisa to discuss your child's session and let's get something scheduled! Your kids will thank you!  


Children Pricing: 

30 Minute Session: $35 *recommended for children 10 years and younger

45-60 Minute Session: $65  



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